Yoda Timers are pretty awesome. From the Wiki:

Sometimes, all you need to solve an impossible problem is to actually think for 5 minutes. (Sometimes it is actually 15 minutes, or two hours. But, the first five minutes is helpful for transforming it from an inpenetrable ugh field to a tractable problem)

Sometimes called Yoda timers. (A timebox wherein you Actually Try)

I was about to go set a Yoda timer for something. I could just use a website to set a normal five minute timer, but it would be cool if there was something Yoda-themed. Or really Yoda + rationality themed. Something like that.

It doesn't look like one exists. But I would like for one to exist! And I could actually see it's existence being somewhat impactful. I think it would nudge people towards doing more Yoda timers, and Yoda timers are quite effective. Plus it would be pretty low cost to put something like this together.

I've been coding for a while now and can put something like this together pretty easily. I could go ahead and do it on my own in a few hours, but I'm not a designer. It'd be great if someone who's good at design would be willing to work with me on this. It'd really improve the end product. It seems like it'd only require a few hours of each of our time.

Anyone out there wanna do this?! Or, alternatively, anyone know someone who they think would be interested?

Feel free to respond however you want. Commenting on this post, DMing me, or emailing me at adamzerner@protonmail.com all work.

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I wonder if What are some beautiful, rationalist artworks? would be applicable or at least serve as inspiration.