I just launched https://yoda-timer.netlify.app/. It's a simple little website that makes it a bit more fun to use Yoda Timers. See Website For Yoda Timers for the inspiration.

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It would be nice to be able to change 5 minutes to something else, I know this isn't in the spirit of the "try harder luke", but 5 minutes is arbitrary, it could just as easily have been 10 minutes.

I thought about that actually and decided against it. It's hard to articulate my feelings here, but I feel like there is something cool about it being a uniform experience. "This is what a Yoda Timer is, and I did one." If "Yoda Timer" can mean "5 minute timer" or "10 minute timer" or "90 second timer", it feels to me like it loses some amount of charm and sense of accomplishment. If enough people disagree I'll change it though.

I don't like thinking in front of an active screen. Is it possible for there to be a blackout dark mode, or maybe a sticker that I could buy and put on a physical timer (not a smartphone app) or a 5-minute hourglass?

I know this might seem sarcastic to some, but I just read Try Harder, Luke and I can assure you, I'm quite serious about this. I've tried it and it often outperforms normal thought.

(don't forget that there's no way this will work anywhere near 100% of the time, so nobody should let themselves be discouraged by anecdotal evidence of instances that it didn't yield the perfect solution)

It will ding when the timer completes, so you could navigate to a new tab or something. If looking at the image of Yoda is helpful, you can right click it, open it in a new tab, and look at it while the timer runs. If a blank screen is helpful, you can turn the brightness all the way down until the screen is black.