Meetup : Gen Con: Applied Game Theory

by Zubon 4y15th Jul 20151 min read5 comments


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WHEN: 01 August 2015 02:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: Indianapolis Convention Center

Tentative location: Hall F, the green tables just behind the CCG/TCG HQ. They say that space is generally available for open gaming, and failing that, the blue tables just across from HQ would be. If we have managed to pick peak CCG time, we will wait until 2:15 to gather folks and relocate (and will comment here to that effect). That spot is also just outside the exhibit hall, in case you decide you must own your own copy of whatever we play. Please bring your newest game or old favorite.

Meet up with Less Wrong friends and play games! Learn the newest releases, play classics, and otherwise have fun. A purely social event, running for as long as people want to stay and play, with potential continued discussion over dinner.

As at all events, there is no minimum degree, IQ, reading record, height, age, or neurotypicality to participate. Bring games if you like, learn new games if you like, and expect a range from "I am here for the championships" to "what are we Settling?"

We seemed like the kind of nerds who might go to Gen Con. You can also use the comments here to find others attending, arrange other connections at the event, discuss the con, etc.

Discussion article for the meetup : Gen Con: Applied Game Theory