It's a story about a boy who is into science and transhumanism, and a girl he told about all these crazy things that were going to happen. He dies and all of the things he said started to happen. She ended up floating around Saturn remembering him.

Either he or she was in the wheelchair. He was dying and he was disappointed he was dying because of all the cool stuff that was going to happen that she was going to be around for, and some of it had to do with whatever problem she had that was going to get fixed.

Please help me find this story if you can.

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The Gentle Seduction by Marc Stiegler ; search strategy was [short story about technological change saturn]

This is it! Wow. Thank you so much!

Should probably have been posted in the open thread (not meant as a reproach)

Maybe Ken MacLeod, The Cassini Division? I think that's sort of what happened, but I didn't like that book so much so maybe I've repressed the memories of the details.

It's not a book, it's a short story