to follow up my philantropic pledge from last year, i've updated my philanthropy page with 2020 results.

TL;DR: i made $4.3MM worth of endpoint grants in 2020, mostly via SFF's grant rounds, beating my minimum commitment by about 2x.

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It seems like you invested a good chunk into Longevity Research Institute via the Survival and Flourishing fund in the past. Do you now see that work as less important then XRisks and don't want to fund such work anymore?

well, i've always considered human life extension as less important than "civilisation's life extension" (ie, xrisk reduction). still, they're both very important causes, and i'm happy to support both, especially given that they don't compete much for talent. as for the LRI specifically, i believe they simply haven't applied to more recent SFF grant rounds.