The Grueling Subject
Medical Paradigms


Understanding your understanding

The level analogy suggests that someone with level 2 understand would usually understand a subject better then a person with level 1 understanding. 

Not all caluclations are equal and there will be people with level 1 understanding who can calculate and predict better then some people with level 2 or level 3 understanding.

Evading Mind Control

Most people have weeks where they don't read books. The fact that someone needs to make a conscious decision to go a week without reading books is a sign fo a person who reads a lot of books.

A Quora answer from 2016 (a decade after 4-Hour Workweek) suggest he read 1-4 books/per week at the time. 

Evading Mind Control

Tim Ferriss (two s) does lay out his reasons in the linked post, so there's not really a reason to speculate.

Using false but instrumentally rational beliefs for your career?

In my experience having different parts of oneself believe different things is not good for motivation. 

Evading Mind Control

Tim Ferris doesn't just avoid news, television and social media.

That statement seems to be too general given that his last post about recommending books he read isn't even a year old. 

It seemed Tim Ferriss did say:

To that end, I’m committing to *not* reading any new books in 2020. This means I will not read any books published in 2020.

Older books seem to be still fair game for him.

Mark Manson and Evidence-Based Personal Development

It's worth noting that Mark Manson is influencial for what other bloggers in the personal development field do (the German bloggers I know personally consider him a good role model). 

Should I do it?

I haven't found a clear solution anywhere. There is only one point that everyone agrees on. 

Yes, according to current knowledge most AGI designs are dangerous. Speaking to researchers could help one of them to explain to you why your particular design is dangerous. 

What risks from vaccines?

I read a while ago of a company uses Hela cells to produce the mRNA. From my latest reading, it seems like different companies produce their mRNA in different ways. Unfortunately, the production process is not easy to research.

The next AI winter will be due to energy costs

Energy prices (in USD per kWh) may decrease in the future (solar? fusion?)

Solar costs do fall exponentially if the last decades are any indication. If you are fine with not getting 365/7/24 energy because energy is your biggest cost they will give you cheap power.

There might also be a time where you want to fly your solar cells nearer to the sun to pick up more sun. Computers in space could be powered that way.

Straight-edge Warning Against Physical Intimacy

My point is that transwomen who don't produce oestrogen but supplement it, have it in their blood. I would expect a trans women who takes hormones to be similarly affected as a cis woman.

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