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How do we change our minds? A meetup blueprint

4 min read
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Expertise Exchange

1 min read
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Looking and the no-self

1 min read
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Shit rationalists say - 2018

1 min read
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The Dogma of Evidence-based Medicine

3 min read
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Open Thread - January 2018

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Will IOTA work as promized?

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List of civilisational inadequacy

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Open thread, November 21 - November 28, 2017

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Open thread, November 13 - November 20, 2017

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> **If you were in my grandparents' situation, would you attend your daughter's wedding? Why or why not?**

Why is this the question you are asking? It seems to be very strange that this is the prompt with which you end your post.

It seems like it comes out of a very Christian victim mindset where ...(read more)

I think it's likely that there's another form of meditation that still gives you those two benefits but that also opens up a new space for you and allows you to learn new valuable experiences.

I do have a decent amount of experience and my main spiritual path comes from the teaching of a Frenchman called Danis Bois.knowledge is dependent on a person's experience and can by it's nature only be ascertained by people who actually had certain experiences.

> If so, what have you learned?

A l...(read more)

And if you believe in AI singularity, then you must believe that this class includes “create friendly superhuman general-purpose AI”.

I see no reason why a friendly AGI has to be necessarily possible if you believe that there will be an AGI that creates a singularity.

Why are you staying with the same type of meditation when you think that you gained most of the benefits that the type provides?

I don't think Beyond the Reach of God is an ideal text for an event like this as it's not inclusive to everyone. With the last Solstice we stopped using it because we had a rationalist Christian with us. Inclusivity seems to me even more important for an event like a funeral.

Fortunately, I haven't...(read more)

I agree that community space is something very important.

When it comes to running events having a good space in which to run the events is very valuable. Even through I live in Berlin with much lower costs of space, how to get a good space to run an event has often be a constraining factor.

When ...(read more)

I feel like there are two distinct issues here:

1) Telling comforting lies

2) Staying silent when there's something somebody doesn't like

To me 1) sounds like a problem of people not having any skills that they can use to deal with emotions. When I'm doing any kind of emotional first aid, I'm ver...(read more)

If you calculate expected value with numbers than it makes sense to use numbers that don't seem fishy. Currently, those in your abstract don't look good.

I reread Gwern and it was a year and not less a year but it was on correlational evidence and most of the time clinical trials find that drugs do...(read more)

The US does have schools like the Sudbury Valley School in the current political constraints. There's a lot of room for alternative schools inside the US provided the school can fund itself and doesn't rely on government grants.

If you have a billionaire who wants a great school for his kids and th...(read more)