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It seems like ChatGPT should do an excellent job of simply giving you a bunch of explanations for a mathematical concept and also responding to questions if something is unclear for you.

I think the cases that motivate the advice to worry about retraumatization are mostly cases where it's very clear that there's severe trauma.

But I am currently in Europe

Different parts of Europe are very different in regard to ventilation. I'm in Germany where we mostly use windows but a Swedish friend told me that in Sweden they mostly use passive ventilation. 

because they are worried about the greenhouse emissions from the energy cost of running ventilation

Ventilation along with a heat recovery system reduces overall heating costs because it's much more energy efficient than opening windows. 

but at least it makes some attempt to engage with why readers didn't find the post valuable.

I don't think so. To me, his list sounds like trying to understand reasons why the post is judged negatively. 

People get trained in school and university to write without any considerations for whether or not their writing is valuable and get graded in a way that's independent of the value provided by an essay. The essay gets read by the teacher because the teacher is paid to read it and not because it provides them with other value. 

On the other hand, when writing posts on LessWrong it matters whether or not the reader gets value from reading it. 

 Larry McEnerney does a good job at laying out the difference:

When it comes to retraumatization, stronger memories carry stronger risk. You likely first want to use a technique like this with medium-level memories and not memories that are strong enough to produce panic attacks. 

In clinical settings where people are completely dysfunctional in their lives because they have strong post-traumatic stress disorder there's a higher risk of retraumatization than for most memories that most people have. 

We offer very high data privacy, so it is used also in government setting.  

What exactly do you mean by "high data privacy"?

So why do I think this post got downvoted?

The key reason is that its reader didn't find it valuable. To get upvoted you need to write posts that readers find valuable. 

(2) I didn't spell out what I meant. First, I'll note that this isn't without precedent. Consider how Mark describes the way in which Jesus taught:

Are you arguing that the precedent of doing things like Jesus supposedly did should be guiding for a rationality forum like LessWrong?

But if I had a large bag of money

What kind of money are you talking about?

What's the likely response from the Chinese government if you would do such a project with significant funding?

While more expensive it's worth noting that heat recovery ventilation exists if you want to invest more money into upgrading a home. 

The fact that windows need to be opened manually to ventilate is a design flaw. 

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