Louie's LW-visits-per-city statistics put Dublin at number 18 in the world, so there have got to be some Irish LWers lurking about. I'd like to have a meetup at...let's say 2 PM on Sunday 29 May at the Starbucks at 20 College Green near Trinity College in Dublin.

I am from Cork, and I'd like to convince some people from Limerick and further afield to come out, but it's a long trip to make without any reason to believe there will be more people than just myself there. So if you're interested in coming, please either post here or send me an email.

Discussion will probably be about organizing future meetups, availability of rationalist/transhumanist networks and activities in Ireland, and other rationality and random chit-chat.

I'm not too attached to the date, time, or location, so we can change it if it conflicts with anything.

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I'm coming. Have set things in my external memory to ensure I come. Currently living in Limerick.

You live in Limerick! Great stuff we should meet regardless. I'm prepared to drive but I have a place to stay up there so not sure how that will work out.

Wel I'm leaving the city tomorrow but I'll be around a bit anyway, and I'll only be an hours bus ride from the city. If you want to meet up some time PM me when's convenient and we can arrange something.

Consider co-ordinating a ride with Laoch; he lives in Limerick too. Also, let's make sure there are actually some Dubliners coming and it's not just Munster people, or we'll change the location to somewhere more convenient to ourselves.

If you have work on Monday, would an earlier time or Saturday be easier for you?

Not working at the moment so Sunday's fine.

For the record Saturday is a way better day for me.

Edit I could manage Sunday too.


Put all these announcements to lesswrong main section or move all from there to here!

It's annoying to have them on two places.

They were previously all in Main. Now the single posts go in discussion, and only the consolidated posts get promoted on Main.

Thus there is one extra post in Main and only the relatively committed see the meetup logistics posts. And all is well.

Hi All, I was just directed to this thread - and would like to attend on Sunday @2pm. Look forward to seeing you all there

Anyone @ aubrey de grey tonight

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