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Can you has quotes? Yes, you can has quotes!

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Fake quotations are pithier, more dramatic, more on point, than the things people usually say in real life. It's not surprising that they are often the survivors of the evolutionary battle for mindshare.

Megan McArdle

Written in response to the fake quote "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy." - Martin Luther King, Jr"

Ack! I searched for that earlier but didn't find it; guess I wasn't searching thoroughly enough. Thanks for the heads up!

I'll put a notice in the post body and then delete this post in a couple days.

"The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars."

-- Carl Sagan

[-][anonymous]11y 0

If only more people internalized this and its consequences.

It is not the way of the Wild to like movement. Life is an offense to it, for life is movement; and the Wild aims always to destroy movement. It freezes the water to prevent it running to the sea; it drives the sap out of the trees till they are frozen to their mighty hearts; and most ferociously and terribly of all does the Wild harry and crush into submission man - man, who is the most restless of life, ever in revolt against the dictum that all movement must in the end come to the cessation of movement.

-- White Fang - Jack London