Partial rewrite of the "Direct Instruction" thing

by Owen_Richardson1 min read1st Sep 2011No comments


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So yeah, "Scientifically optimizing education: Hard problem, or solved problem? Introducing the Theory of Direct Instruction". Probably not gonna go down in history as my best piece of writing ever, to say the least.

Clearly I need to fix that. As an initial measure, I added some notes addressing key points and problems to the beginning as a much shorter replacement to the original post, and recommended the new reader not attempt to slog through the original below that unless they're strangely compelled.

I felt that the most sensible context for this would be at the beginning of the original post, so I put it there and put up this post as a notification of that. (If this somehow breaks some sort of rule of etiquette or style, please just tell me and I'll rectify it most snappily.)

Thank you for your patience.

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