Survival and Flourishing Fund grant applications open until October 4th ($1MM-$2MM planned for dispersal)

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The Survival and Flourishing Fund is a new fund that (as I understand it) is taking over a significant chunk of the Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative's (BERI) grantmaking, and is just opening a new grant round that I am helping to disburse:

The plan is to make a total of $1MM-$2MM in grants to organizations working on the long term flourishing and survival of humanity.

At this point in time SFF can only make grants to charities and not individuals, so if you have a project or organization that you want to get funding for, you will have to either already be part of an established charity, found one, or be sponsored by an existing charity.

Also happy to answer any questions you have in the comments, to the best of my knowledge.

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