Hey, fellow EA people!

I am an effective altruist from Finland. I have noticed that not so many people have heard of effective altruism. I am aware of great people like Peter Singer and William McAskill who do some great research and influence the public discussion of EA. I still believe though that there could be even more talk about EA.

The problem I found is that I couldn’t find any single famous EA related YouTube/internet personalities other than Singer, McAskill, and other fellows who are academics in this field. If you think about veganism or climate change you could find many good content creator’s on YouTube. Earthling Ed is a great example of promoting veganism really effectively.

I think starting EA-related vlog or becoming an EA-related internet personality could be really effectively altruistic as then more people could become Effective altruists. Now the problem is that many people aren’t aware of the EA thoughts.

I would, therefore, encourage the EA-community members to take up to this challenge and maybe even someone to become an online influencer. I am also thinking about the option of starting my own YouTube channel dedicated to EA-related topics. I would be also keen to cooperate with people from all around the world. I think it would be pretty unique if we could have a YouTube channel related to EA and then have people from all around the world contributing to the making of the content.

Please let me know in the comments what you think about this suggestion and would you be interested to collaborate with me with the videos or maybe give tips on how to start the YouTube career etc. I will keenly wait for all of your comments. The good thing about globalization is that it could really be possible to have a global YouTube account with people uploading videos from all around the world with EA-related topics. The important thing would be to just have really good content so that people can relate to it.

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Given the lack of responses so far, perhaps this would get a better reception at the EA forum?