Predict - "Log your predictions" app

by Gust1 min read17th Aug 201512 comments


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As an exercise on programming Android, I've made an app to log predictions you make and keep score of your results. Like PredictionBook, but taking more of a personal daily exercise feel, in line with this post.

The "statistics" right now are only a score I copied from the old Credence calibration game, and a calibration bar chart.

I'm hoping for suggestionss for features and criticism on the app design.

Here's the link for the apk (v0.4), and here's the source code repository. You can download it at Google Play Store.

Pending/Possible/Requested Features:

  • Set check-in dates for predictions
  • Tags (and stats by tag)
  • Stats by timeframe
  • Beeminder integration
  • Trivia questions you can answer if you don't have any personal prediction to make
  • Ring pie chart to choose probability


2015-08-26 - Fixed bug that broke on Android 5.0.2 (thanks Bobertron)

2015-08-28 - Change layout for landscape mode, and add a better icon

2015-08-31 -

  • Daily notifications
  • Buttons at the expanded-item-layout (ht dutchie)
  • Show points won/lost in the snackbar when a prediction is answered
  • Translation to portuguese