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Book Recommendations for social skill development?

A more charitable interpretation is that they are trying to assume less, going a little more meta and explaining the general problem, instead of focusing on specifics that they thing are important, but might not really be.

A failure mode when people don't try to do this is the user that asks a software developer to "just add a button that allows me to autofill this form", when maybe there's an automation that renders the form totally unnecessary.

São Paulo SSC Meetup

Hi, I'm the organizer. If you're in São Paulo or nearby, please show up! We'll have an introduction to rationality for newcomers, and talk about Systems 1 and 2, Units of Exchange and Goal Factoring.

You can get more details on the event or the Facebook event

Problem Solving with Mazes and Crayon

There's this in development for several years now

Interactive model knob-turning

What do you mean, in this context?

5 Project Hufflepuff Suggestions for the Rationality Community

I follow several programming newsletters, and I don't have context to fully understand and appreciate most links they share (although I usually have a general idea about what they are talking about). It's still very valuable to me find out about new stuff in the field.

I'd patreon a few dollars for something like this.

Predict - "Log your predictions" app

Thanks! I'll look into adding tags and timeframes. I'm not sure how to do that without the layout getting too crowded.

The virtual AI within its virtual world

You mean, instead of programming an AI in a real life computer and showing it a "Game of Life" table to optimize, you could build a turing machine inside a Game of Life table, program the AI inside this machine, and let it optimize the table in which it is? Makes sense.

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