This report examines the intersection of two subjects, China and artificial intelligence, both of which are already difficult enough to comprehend on their own. It provides context for China’s AI strategy with respect to past science and technology plans, and it also connects the consistent and new features of China’s AI approach to the drivers of AI development (e.g. hardware, data, and talented scientists). In addition, it benchmarks China’s current AI capabilities by developing a novel index to measure any country’s AI potential and highlights the potential implications of China’s AI dream for issues of AI safety, national security, economic development, and social governance.
The author, Jeffrey Ding, writes, “The hope is that this report can serve as a foundational document for further policy discussion and research on the topic of China’s approach to AI.” The report draws from the author’s translations of Chinese texts on AI policy, a compilation of metrics on China’s AI capabilities compared to other countries, and conversations with those who have consulted with Chinese companies and institutions involved in shaping the AI scene.
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Secretly I was hoping someone would read this for me and tell me what it says, because I couldn't get through it myself.

I think the AI safety reading group went through this a couple of years ago: