New blog up by longtime OB/LWer Rolf Nelson, "The Rational Entrepreneur" at  On "the overlap between entrepreneurship and the modern tools of rationality".  Rolf will post daily through November, and after that it will depend on how much traction the blog gets.

First posts:  Pay more attention to the statistics! (which say to do what you know, not what you love) and Having co-founders is valuable but not crucial (according to a study).

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Excellent find. That's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Thank you.

Time to resurrect my RSS reader.

I think the "base rate fallacy" and Eliezer's "privileging the hypothesis" are the same thing. Sound about right to anyone else?

In the base rate fallacy, you at least have the likelihood ratio. In the fallacy of privileging the hypothesis you don't even have that.