Just a brief announcement that I'm stepping down as a moderator on LW. The reason is that I've been doing emotional coaching for some time now, and several of my clients are a part of the rationalist / effective altruism communities. This often involves them sharing intimate personal details about what's happening with them. While this hasn't created any conflict of interest so far, I feel that I should not hold an official position of power within the community (like being an LW mod) while also having a therapist-type role for people within that same community.

In practice, I haven't used my mod powers much aside from occasionally deleting spam or answering questions about the site that people have messaged me with, so this doesn't change very much.

I do intend to continue posting normally and feel good about my time with the mod team. :)

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I am sad you're stepping down! As I said elsewhere, I've always been grateful for your thoughtful input into complicated and/or consequential moderation topics over these last 6 years. Thank you Kaj, and I wish you well with the coaching.