Update: Phase 2 closed on June 12th and results will be sent out on June 21st. You can still submit applications as there will be a small number of tickets remaining (including last minute cancellations) we will need to allocate. 

We have enough Angels (on-site volunteers) confirmed and cannot take any more Angel ticket applications — thanks to everyone who volunteered!

If you read and enjoyed my post last month where I shared details about Europe’s largest in-person rationality and rationality-adjacent meetup and why I think it’s a truly magical and unique event – here are a few more updates from the organiser team.


Keynote speaker confirmed!

We are thrilled to confirm Malcolm Ocean as this year's keynote speaker with a keynote provisionally titled First-Person Research in Trust & Truth. Known for creating the acclaimed Intend productivity app (previously Complice) and goal-crafting intensives, Malcolm has also been writing thoughtful essays for over a decade on topics ranging from trust-building to habit formation and mindfulness. Check out some of his writing here and his interviews here.


60/150 tickets remaining

Approximately 60% of the tickets will be offered to applicants from Phase 1 leaving about 60 still up for grabs. It’s looking like we will sell out quickly this year so if you're eager to attend, don’t leave submitting your application to the last minute! Click here to fill out the application form. Refer to this FAQ or email lwcw.europe[at]gmail.com if you need any help.


This will be our most diverse LWCW

This year we put special effort into encouraging people of all ages, genders and backgrounds to apply, asking attendees about their childcare needs and reaching out to adjacent interest communities. This seems to have paid off with noticeably more women on the attendee list than previous years!


We’re extremely grateful for your help sharing the announcement

We wanted to thank everyone who helped spread the word over the past month. We’re seeing loads of amazing applications that mention hearing about the event via friends as well as via local EA, rationality and adjacent interest groups all across Germany, the UK, Czechia, Scandinavia and beyond!

June 12th deadline

Phase 2 closes June 12th at 23:00 UTC. If you fill in an application by then we can guarantee you a decision by June 21st. Beyond June 12th we might announce that tickets are sold out at any time.


Here’s the TLDR 

When: Friday 22nd September - Monday 25th September 2023

Where: jh-wannsee.de (Berlin)


  • Regular ticket: €200
  • Supporter ticket: €250/300/400
  • Low income tickets: Financial support available (please choose a regular ticket and we will ask you to describe your needs after you are accepted).

Apply here: http://tiny.cc/LWCW2023signup

And full details including schedule, logistics, FAQ and more are here.

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