Followup to prior stubs of posts I want to write. Progress:

  • Archipelago got written.
  • Recognizing Demon Threads is on its way.
  • I feel like someone wrote something about Social Reality but I'm not sure.
  • I wrote things about the personal standards I wanted to cultivate but then it got longwinded and it didn't feel like the right frame.

"Building the Agency Pipeline" feels like the main post that still feels urgent. The others seem like nice-to-haves.

Other posts I'm mulling over now:

  • Actually Thinking
  • Thinking about How I Spend My Time (working example of How to Think)
  • Things I Wish I Had a Week To Think About
  • Building Models of AI Timelines
  • Building Decision Trees given AI Timeline distributions
  • How to Refactor Your Goals So People Can Help You
  • Google Docs, and Refactoring Your Writing Process So People Can Help You
  • Using Fiction to Practice Model-Building
  • Demon Thread Post-Mortems / Retrospectives
  • Getting Serious About AI (And Turning Money into Understanding)

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@Social Reality:

Maybe this post?

We're kind of on a roll trying to build this up as part of a coherent discipline of mental security. There's lots of good content but most of it not ready for publication. Let me know if you want to coordinate R&D.

Yeah, that's the thing I was thinking of.

I'm personally think the "make sure things are ready for publication" thing is a trap (though I suppose if you're legitimately worried about infohazards it's reasonable to be more cautious).