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Discussion article for the meetup : LessWrong Scotland

WHEN: 12 April 2015 02:00:00PM (+0000)

WHERE: Biblos, 1 Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1HR

We're going to meet in Edinburgh this time! I don't know the layout of the venue, but we'll be recognisable by books, stuffed owls, signs with Bayes' theorem on them, or some other LW trope.

We're starting a read-through of EY's "Rationality: From AI to Zombies." So this time we'll be discussing Book 1 - that's sections A to D.

Then we'll go on to whatever is on people's mind. Sometimes that's world domination, sometimes it isn't...

Hope to see some new faces then!

Discussion article for the meetup : LessWrong Scotland

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I'll be in Edinburgh that day by coincidence. We have afternoon plans, but maybe they're flexible? I hope we can make it, if not I'll be looking forward to the next meetup!

I don't know how much of the reading I'll have done as I'm attempting to stay rational(ish) while moving, but I'll be there...

Dang, my first reasonably local one and I'm away in England that weekend. Well, hopefully next time.

I considered finding a venue on Thomas Bayes Road, but perhaps that's a little too wanky.

I'm up for going through Book 1 of the Rationality ebook.

I think the LW reading group is doing section A for that week.

I'll be there!

I'll see if I can get Biblos to (quite rationally) offer us some free nachos...