Meetup: Less Wrong Moscow 2 Jule 2011

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WHEN: 2 Jule 2011, 16.00 Moscow time
WHERE: Moscow, Novokuznetskaya subway station, Klimentovskiy pereulok, 1/18 (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology's building aka Fiztech). 1 (2 in Russian) floor.

This first meeting will be of somewhat experimental character and will be devoted to general topics of rationality and transhumaism. We will face each other in meatspace and discuss future vision for LW-Moscow. The main language of the meeting will be Russian, but English speakers are welcome.

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How do we get past reception? (I can imagine sneaking past it, having studied at MIPT, but it's probably not the proper procedure, and doesn't work reliably.) Where on the 2nd floor? (I've never been in that building.)

Map, on

By new rules anyone allowed to go inside, if any problem you should say "na seminar k Batinu" - it works. On second floor it will be or rector apartment, or "actovij zal", depending of availability and amount of people. We will put a paper with room number near the end of the stair. If any question, my phone +79166918960

Getting in would probably be settled with security by then, but in case of anything, call me +7 910 997 78 35.

So... how did it go?

The meeting was interesting, around 15 people came. We discuses the meaning of rationality, the rationality to choose immortality and all such subjects. The main result is establishing connection between people who are interesting in rationality and AI friendliness