I noticed in the past there were a few efforts to start a periodic feed with highlights from the rationalist community.

Here's my attempt: Rational Newsletter

It's a weekly recap of the best articles from the rationalist community of LessWrong, Slate Star Codex, Overcoming Bias, Intelligence.org and similar sources.

All posts are curated by hand, and going forward I'm planning to keep ~5 posts per category, short and sweet. I wanted to ask for your feedback:

  • Do you like the format?
  • Do you like the classification and the quantity of the articles?

Any feedback and criticism is super welcome!

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An RSS feed would be nice. Aside from that, I like it. Curation of content is a lengthy and undervalued service.

Thank you! RSS feed is definitely coming in the future.

Did the RSS feed ever come about? I don't see it anywhere obvious there.

This looks really good! Subscribed.

In addition to aggregating multiple sites, this also seems useful for anyone who wants to spend less time refreshing LessWrong (but avoid missing content).

Alexey, happy birthday to your podcast! I've just subscribed and hope you would post consistently in the future. How many subscribers do you have?

Thank you, the newsletter is alive and well :) I've managed to keep the updates weekly and I'm planning on continuing doing that.

There are a couple of hundred people subscribed so far.