Flying in a window seat offers opportunities for serendipitous aerial photography. You don't get to choose what is going to be within view of the window, but when there's something interesting it can be fun to try and get a good picture. There are a few I've taken that I like:

Our neighborhood, with Powderhouse Park in the lower right, Davis in the middle right, Porter in the middle top, Trum Field in the lower left, and the bike path running horizontally across the middle:

Did you know that after taking a boat up to the top of the Chesapeake you can keep going, all the way to Philly? Here's the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal:

Porter, looking East toward Kendall and Back Bay:

Downtown Boston:


Singing Beach, Manchester by-the-sea:

Castle Island, right next to the East end of the container port::

More recently I've been playing around with a cheap telescope attachment. Pictures are generally pretty blurry, but occasionally I get something nice. Here's Atlantic City from about 70mi NW:

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