5-minute timer tool

by Gust1 min read5th May 20181 comment


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This is a 5-minute timer with a textarea that becomes readonly when the timer runs off. This might be useful for people doing resolve cycles, or people telling other people about resolve cycles!

(You can just link them to the page and say “Go to this site and solve your problem in five minutes!“)

[Programming related remarks below]

I also took this as an opportunity to experiment with React state management, as the main App class started to get pretty big. Ended up implementing something akin to Redux, but in a way I think could be made type-safe if built with Flow or TypeScript. I would like to hear about any library that implements something like what I tried here (I’d bet it already exists).

If you want to take a look, the source is MIT-licensed at: https://github.com/gusbicalho/fiveminutetimer.

Comments about the source code can be posted here, or as an issue in the Github repo, or in the version of this post in my personal website (which I'm shamelessly using this as an excuse to promote).