So far, there is uniform agreement in the comments of this post. What a silly thing to say!

Have you really thought about it though? You have to understand a position before you can dismiss it. I think it would be interesting to see comments from the other point of view, to then see the counter-arguments.


Since you seem to want to have people attempt to comment as advocates for death, and generate possible counter arguments to provoke new angles of thought, I accept your challenge and will try to come up with a plausible sounding argument for death and a self contained counter argument that you can consider.

Beginning Death's advocate:

I'll start off with a quote from Hanson:

Our finite universe simply cannot continue our exponential growth rates for a million years. For trillions of years ther

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Greg Linster on the beauty of death

by Jonathan_Graehl 1 min read20th Oct 201167 comments


Without death we cannot truly have life. As such, what a travesty of life it would be to achieve a machine-like immortality!

Gray writes the following chilling lines: “If you understand that in wanting to live for ever you are trying to preserve a lifeless image of yourself, you may not want to be resurrected or to survive in a post-mortem paradise. What could be more deadly than being unable to die?” (my emphasis)


Sounds like sour grapes. I'd heard of people holding such sentiments; this is the first time I've actually seen them expressed myself.