Bangalore Meetup: 19th June 4 pm

by [anonymous]1 min read10th Jun 20117 comments


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This is the second meetup being organized in Bangalore. 

The previous one had two attendees and at least 6 more people in Bangalore and a few in other cities have expressed an interest for another one in the comments. Since the discussions petered out without reaching a consensus on the date for the next one, I'm going ahead and proposing 19th June 4 pm at Cafe Coffee Day on Brigade Road (this is the one on the Brigade Road/Magrath Road junction - close to Eva Mall.)

Do respond in the comments if you'd like the date/time/place to be changed. I hope there'll be a good turn out this time! 


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A Facebook group "Less Wrong Bangalore" has been created to enable communications of future meetups.

too late for me. next time, how do get an advanced notice? It'd be nice to have an agenda and date/time email. my mail sam.sarkar2008 ta gmail dot com

Anybody at coffee day?

I'll be there.

Heyo, Glad to know LWers meet! I am not a regular on LW though I have been following posts on rationality etc it for about a year, on and off. I may not be able to add to the heavy discussions (I presume) but I plan to do what I do best, listen :) Hope that's okay. Murthy

woa...I'll be present.

I'll be there.