There are upcoming irregularly scheduled meet-ups in:

  • Bangalore: Sunday June 19th at 4pm
  • Cambridge, MA: Tuesday June 14th at 7pm
  • DC: Sunday June 12th at 1pm
  • Edinburgh: Saturday June 11 (I think, the announcement doesn't specify) at 2pm
  • Fort Collins: Wednesday June 15th at 7pm
  • Houston: Sunday June 12th at 4pm
  • Logan: Saturday June 18th at 4pm
  • Ottawa: Thurs June 16th at 7pm (+ a Bayes study group)
  • Paris: Sunday June 25th around 2pm

Cities with regularly scheduled meetups: AustinBerkeleyCambridge, MAIrvineMountain ViewNew YorkSan Francisco,SeattleToronto.

If you'd like to talk with other LW-ers face to face, and there is no meetup in your area, consider starting your own meetup; it's easy (more resources here). Check one out, stretch your rationality skills, and have fun!

If you missed the deadline and wish to have your meetup featured, add a comment and send me a PM.

Meet-ups should be posted in the discussion session; I will then make a promoted post "upcoming meetups" post every Friday that links to every meet-up that has been planned for the next two weeks.  Please let me know if your meetup is omitted.

Please note that for your meetup to appear in the weekly meetups feature, you need to post about your meetup before the Friday before your meetup!

If you check Less Wrong irregularly, consider subscribing to one or more city-specific mailing list in order to be notified when an irregular meetup is happening: LondonChicagoSouthern California (Los Angeles/Orange County area)St. LouisOttawaHelsinkiMelbourne.

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Maybe add (in the future) some post-specific data to the title, in this case the date it's posted, so that all announcement posts aren't named the same?

Good point, will do.

There is also an irregularly scheduled Cambridge meetup. We have regular meetups too, but this one breaks the usual pattern.

Added. For ambiguous) city names, please explicitly specify a disambiguation in the announcements. It took me a moment to figure out it's the Cambridge of Massachusetts, and then a look at its Wikipedia page to find that Massachusetts is abbreviated as MA.

I'm new to Less Wrong and still figuring out the proper etiquette, so I was hoping somebody could help me on this. Are you supposed to contact someone, or RSVP, to attend one of the regular meetings, or do you just show up? Thanks.

It would be nice to make someone aware that you're coming, but it is not necessary. If the meetup is new or irregular I would strongly suggest you PM the organiser, or better yet reply on the originating post. If the meetings are regular and self sustaining enough that they no longer advertise themselves except by being in the wiki or in the consolidated meetup post. Saying you're coming is still unlikely to hurt, and if it's in a private residence it's an even better idea.

Great, thanks for the information.

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West LA Meetup on Wednesday, June 15th. More information here.

I was a bit ambiguous about whether this is a regular meetup in the original post. If tomorrow has decent attendance, I'll make it officially regular.

The San Francisco Less Wrong group is now meeting at Mel's Drive-In, literally next door to Green Papaya. We decided we liked the food better at Mel's.

There is a meeting today at 7 pm! I'll have a big sign, the Wits & Wagers board game to practice calibration, and an invitation to go bowling or ice skating after dinner. You probably want to come; it'll be fun. :-)

Are there any people from São Paulo here? I posted on the Discussion topic just to check if I should bother creating a chapter.

Hi! Anyone?

Fort Collins Colorado Meetup June 15th, 7pm, Bean Cycle.