AI Safety Reading Group

by Søren Elverlin1 min read11th Aug 20196 comments



If you are interested in AI Safety, come visit the AI Safety Reading Group.

The AI Safety reading group meets on Skype Wednesdays at 18:45 UTC, discussing new and old articles on different aspects of AI Safety. We start with a presentation round, then a summary of the article is presented, followed by discussion both on the article and in general.

Sometimes we have guests. On Wednesday the 14th, Stuart Armstrong will be giving a presentation on his research agenda in the reading group:

Join us by Skype, by adding ‘soeren.elverlin’.

Previous guests include Eric Drexler, Rohin Shah, Matthijs Maas, Scott Garrabrant, Robin Hanson, Roman Yampolskiy, Vadim Kosoy, Abram Demski and Paul Christiano. A full list of articles read can be found at