AI Safety Reading Group

by Søren Elverlin 1 min read11th Aug 20196 comments


If you are interested in AI Safety, come visit the AI Safety Reading Group.

The AI Safety reading group meets on Skype Wednesdays at 18:45 UTC, discussing new and old articles on different aspects of AI Safety. We start with a presentation round, then a summary of the article is presented, followed by discussion both on the article and in general.

Sometimes we have guests. On Wednesday the 14th, Stuart Armstrong will be giving a presentation on his research agenda in the reading group:

Join us by Skype, by adding ‘soeren.elverlin’.

Previous guests include Eric Drexler, Rohin Shah, Matthijs Maas, Scott Garrabrant, Robin Hanson, Roman Yampolskiy, Vadim Kosoy, Abram Demski and Paul Christiano. A full list of articles read can be found at