Meetup : London - Index Funds and Other Fun Stuff

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Discussion article for the meetup : London - Index Funds and Other Fun Stuff

WHEN: 10 August 2014 02:00:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: Shakespeare's Head, Holborn, WC2B 6BG

The next London meetup will be on Sunday August 10th, from 2pm at the Shakespeare's Head in Holborn.

Several regulars have expressed an interest in setting up passive investment in an index fund. Towards the beginning of the meetup, I'll be presenting a short how-to on index fund investments and answering questions on the subject. (I have no broader finance and investment expertise, but did a lot of research into UK index tracker products a few years ago, which I'm happy to share).

This obviously isn't everybody's discussion topic of choice, but there's room for simultaneous discussion on another table, so come along anyway even if you're not interested in index funds, and talk about unicorns / sci-fi plausibility / infinite torture scenarios, etc. instead. The whole thing will probably revert to unstructured discussion after the first hour or so. We normally have some sort of sign identifying us as a LessWrong meetup, and typically try to get one or more of the large round tables near the back of the pub. If you can't find us, call or text 07887 718458.

About London LessWrong:

We're currently running meetups every other Sunday, and tend to get between 5 and 15 attendees. Most of our meetups default to unstructured social discussion on LessWrongy subjects, though we occasionally have special topics, events or activities. Sometimes we play games.

We have a Google Group and a Facebook group where we plan and discuss stuff. We would be extraordinarily pleased if you joined them.

Discussion article for the meetup : London - Index Funds and Other Fun Stuff