I’m really excited to make my podcast debut on The Switch podcast with Chase Harris and Alex Berner. Here are the links on Apple PodcastsPlay Music, and Spotify.

Topics we covered:

  • How business school led me to rationality.
  • The origin story and meaning of Putanumonit.
  • How to put numbers on things where no numbers exist.
  • Contextualizing and decoupling in the saga of Caster Semenya.
  • Does putting numbers on dating make me an emotionless robot?
  • Rationality, mindfulness, and poking your head above the river.
  • The posts I regret writing.
  • Antinatalism and the connection between emotion and philosophy.
  • How intuition follows controversy, and why hunter-gatherers don’t have opinions on immigration.
  • Fake frameworks as the key to rationality and why I prefer Magic the Gathering personality color wheel to the big 5 personality system or MBTI.
  • Rationality alone and in a group.
  • Why soccer is a supreme entertainment product, aesthetic experience, and showcase of virtue.
  • MMA as a gateway drug to loving sports.
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Is a transcript available, or likely to become so?

I just finished transcribing a different interview that I conducted, and transcribing audio takes forever. Since the audio quality on this podcast is so good I don't think I'm going to transcribe. However if someone else volunteers to do so, I would be very grateful and will link to the transcript on Putanumonit.