Since the good-old libertarian/ authoritarian quadrant is no use to us here (yes EY goes on one end but where do you put Scott Aaronson? Zvi? Timnit Gebru?), what we need is a multi-dimensional table and then project this to some human interpretable 2d or 3d manifold.

Context: I really don’t know where I stand in terms of AI alignment, I don’t know who is standing with me, and I need help.

I’m starting a $50 bounty on a figure that contains the above, with at least 20+ public figures, and the table (and the code for some additional TBD bounty) used to generate the plot. The table could have something like chance of death from AI in different columns and some categorical column on the direction they are taking now.

I’ll evaluate the best submission on April 16, Sunday 9 AM PST and then send the award.

If your submission looks like a badly prompted output from BLOOM, I might reject it but I’m open to fully AI generated answers.

In terms of people to include: You don’t need to include people who continually have had wrong takes and moved flagposts (wink wink), or people whose takes are not really clear since they just sway with the wind. I would consider anyone whose posts are taken in high regard in this community as a public persona (e.g., janus definitely counts), and you can be free to include anyone that you think is appropriate.

(4/2/23 edit: changing the deadline to April 16, from April 2)

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