It's September, which means going to beaches, holding barbecues, and . . . preparing for this year's Bay Area Winter Solstice. This year's team will include me, Shauna, Nova, and Mingyuan. In the meantime, we're looking for volunteers.

First, we have logistics volunteers. Some of these, especially AV and lighting, will require a commitment to be kind of agenty in figuring out what you need to do, attending dress rehearsals to help test things, etc. The simple tasks will just require you to show up day of.  If you want to help with any of the following logistics tasks, please email

  1. Someone to monitor the Twitch stream/simulcast and give updates to AV on that.
  2. Someone to work closely with Nova on the video side of AV; filming the event and running the live stream (possibly that's worth a separate role, they'd be responsible for the audio submix to the stream)
  3. Someone to help setup and run lighting
  4. 5-10 people who can help with simple tasks on the day of, like ushering, taking tickets, and moving large objects

Second, we have creative tasks. We seem pretty good for people willing to do creative tasks this year, so you don't need to volunteer unless you're really enthusiastic. If you do volunteer, expect to have to audition. If you're interested in any of the following creative tasks, please email

  1. Giving a speech (either writing your own, or giving a reading selected by the team)
  2. Singing a song (either your own, or performing one selected by the team)

We'll give volunteers more information by email, and we'll try to give everyone more information as we get closer to the event.


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Has a date been set for the 2022 event? Wondering if I'll be in the bay day-of or traveling for Christmas

I got an Email that said it will be Dec 17th