This Sunday noon (12:00PM PT) we're having a party in the LessWrong Walled Garden.

It can always be Spring if we really want it to be.

This is a private space that the LessWrong team has been working on (and coworking in) for the past couple weeks. Tomorrow we'll be hosting our first public event. Come chat with fellow LessWrong folk and explore the Garden grounds.

The Garden will be open from 12 noon to 4pm Pacific Time.


When? Sunday October 18, 12:00PM (PT) to 16:00PM (PT)


How? Gather.Town is a 2D space where you are connected (by video call) to people who are near you in the 2D space. You can turn off your video and your audio at will. There's also a bunch of further features available for communication.

Advice for video calls? Aim for these three things:

  1. Be in a space without other people (to reduce background noise)
  2. Use headphones (so there's no audio feedback)
  3. Use a headset mic (to help block out ambient noise)

For more advice see Ben Kuhn's Tips for the most immersive video calls.

The LessWrong Walled Garden.

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Looks like Gather Town crashed, but we have retreated to a Zoom call where you are welcome to join us:

(edit: now closed)