10/25/17 Development update: View-tracking & database fixes

by habryka1 min read25th Oct 20172 comments


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Hey everyone,

I just pushed two quick changes: We reactivated view-tracking, which should work properly this time. This means that when you visit a post, the small comment-icon to the right of the post turns light-green, and when there are new comments on a post after you visited it, the icon turns dark green. When you visit the page, we highlight comments made after your last visit.

I also fixed some inefficient database queries and operations that accidentally caused our DB to be overloaded a few times during the past week, and caused a few people to get timeouts and needing to refresh to properly load the page. Those issues should be fixed now.

For the last few days I've been working on a replacement for our editor, which will greatly improve performance, and will also make some basic operations a bit easier (such as copy-pasting html, inserting images, and some other things). I should be able to push that soon.

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Don't forget to consider disabling voting on posts that you haven't visited now!

This will probably have to wait until we import all the old view data. I don't want people to have frustrating experiences because we didn't properly track their views since the start of the open beta.