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Update: The High Impact Network will meet at 7pm on Saturday the 24th of November, Eastern US time. Please email me to be invited to these hangouts:


Effective altruists, not all of whom are geographically located together, benefit from being connected and brought up to date with effective ideas and plans regarding areas of interest to them.

Mark Lee and I want to meet aspiring effective altruists and talk about how their talents and ideas might fit into the greater scheme of organised altruistic effort.

Due to the popularity of the previous meetup, the new discussion will be divided into two smaller groups that will host simultaneous discussions on:

1. Addressing Global Poverty - how can we best alleviate global poverty?

2. Beyond Global Poverty - what are other highly important causes and how can we address them?

Participants are welcome to suggest up to 3 ways that they are interested in addressing these problems, and then we'll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches. The agenda is broad so as not to preempt or undermine new suggestions likely to be effective. More targeted follow-up meetings can be later arranged if required.

ark and I will chair one conversation each. Both will take place through Google Hangouts, at a the democratically determined time of 7pm on Saturday the 24th of November, Eastern US time.

Please RSVP if you want to be added to the Google Hangout - you are welcome to specify which discussion you prefer to be involved in and topics that you would like attached to the agenda .

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One topic as far as intelligence amplification goes is whether some organization should shell out $3 million to get IBM to create a "Watson" for intelligence amplification. Or, whether researching intelligence amplification is worth it if you think that eventually, a "Watson" for intelligence amplification exists.

I suggest editing the title so that it makes clear that you're advertising an online meetup.