Moral enhancement

bylukeprog7y16th Sep 20116 comments


In offline conversations, several Less Wrongers have expressed interest in 'benevolence training'. For those who are interested, here's a head start in the research...

The technical term for this is 'moral enhancement.' The key name here is Thomas Douglas, who wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the topic, and continues to write papers on the subject. A recent overview is his paper Moral Enhancement (2008), reprinted in Enhancing Human Capacities (2011). That chapter is followed by another chapter on the subject, by Persson and Julian Savulescu, who have written other papers on the subject.

Here is a Guardian article on moral enhancement, and here is an interview on the subject for Philosophy Bites.

Some other key terms on the subject are prosocial development and empathy education.

Edit 7/29/2012: Also see Molly Crocket on moral enhancement.