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Discussion article for the meetup : Vancouver

WHEN: 27 September 2012 06:00:00PM (-0700)

WHERE: 885 west georgia vancouver

Last meetup was fun, it's almost time for the next!

Meet us in the lobby of 885 west georgia at 18:00 on thursday. Better to be early than late. We go upstairs at about 18:30, after which it will be very difficult to meet up with us. Come on out.

I'll be leading a discussion of Yvain's rational home buying and disolving questions about desiese because they are such good examples of LW ideas in action.

Last time, I presented Letting Go from HTACYM. The consensus on the Letting Go sequence was that it was a bag of tricks and inspiration for dealing with the need to face reality (when you are trying to actually change the world). We had a lot of discussion of what you can expect from other people vs what you expect from yourself, dealing with emotions, value of predictive vs descriptive explanations, some rationality fundamentals, some fun math proofs, etc.

Hopefully we'll have some more cool discussion and maybe even some application of these ideas to our own lives.

As usual, join us on the mailing list. Be there.

Discussion article for the meetup : Vancouver

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I'd love to cover how to find the exchange rate between opportunities, willingness to pay, and Making your explicit reasoning trustworthy., in that particular order. The latter I wanted to present but it features some pretty masterful rationality, so it might be beyond my capability.

I could lead a small talk on Job-hunt-hacking, but it could wait for next week if my plate is full.