Rationalist Lent

I'm not changing anything for the next 40 days, but I did change one variable about 50 days ago: I stopped reading political news altogether. The experiment, so far, is clearly a success, so I'm going to keep it that way.


I think I might stop reading blog posts and comment threads about gender issues.

1---7yIts often not binary whether news is political or not - its more of a spectrum. Especially if you are reading something like the WSJ or FT. How do you tell where to draw the line?

Rationalist Lent

by Qiaochu_Yuan 1 min read14th Feb 201382 comments


As I understand it, Lent is a holiday where we celebrate the scientific method by changing exactly one variable in our lives for 40 days. This seems like a convenient Schelling point for rationalists to adopt, so:

What variable are you going to change for the next 40 days?

(I am really annoyed I didn't think of this yesterday.)