Discussion article for the meetup : LessWrong Israel September meetup

WHEN: 12 September 2013 08:00:00PM (+0300)

WHERE: Adventure Park, Park hayarqon tel aviv


Call 0545330678 (Gal) for details.

We're going to have a meetup on Thursday, September 12 at VisionMap's offices, Gibor Sport House, 15th floor, 7 Menachem Begin st., Ramat-Gan. Our program is: * 20:00-20:15: Assembly * 20:15-21:00: Main Talk * 21:00-22:00: Dinner & Discussion * 22:00-23:00: Rump Session (minitalks) * 23:00-: End of official programming Main Talk: Mirrors and Sunlight: Dealing with Emotional Vampires / Guy Banay We will learn how to recognize the Dramatic Personality Disorders (antisocial, borderline, narcissistic and histrionic) and some strategies to minimize the damage they can do. Backup Talk: Solomonoff Induction / Benjamin Fox Solomonoff Induction is basically the most generalized form of intelligence, intelligence treated on the most basic mathematical level.If we wish to find facts given provided information, Solomonoff Induction is the most fundamental algorithm to do so. Rump Session: each participant will give a 4-minute talk (+3 minute encore if we applaud hard enough). Giving a talk isn't mandatory, but it's highly recommended. Not confident that what you have to say is relevant to our interests? Unsure about your public speaking skills? Doesn't matter - in the rump session, anything goes. (Posted for Guy Banay, the organizer, who doesn't have enough LW karma yet.)

Discussion article for the meetup : LessWrong Israel September meetup

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How many people come to Israeli meetups usually?

About 14.


Any recommendations for newcomers?