I used to feel similarly, but then a few things changed for me and now I am pro-textbook. There are caveats - namely that I don't work through them continuously.

Textbooks seem overly formal at points

This is a big one for me, and probably the biggest change I made is being much more discriminating in what I look for in a textbook. My concerns are invariably practical, so I only demand enough formality to be relevant; otherwise I am concerned with a good reputation for explaining intuitions, graphics, examples, ease of reading. I would go as far as to s... (Read more)(Click to expand thread. ⌘F to Expand All)Cmd/Ctrl F to expand all comments on this post

Matthew Barnett's Shortform

by Matthew Barnett 3mo9th Aug 20191 min read142 comments


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Crossposted from the AI Alignment Forum. May contain more technical jargon than usual.

I intend to use my shortform feed for two purposes:

1. To post thoughts that I think are worth sharing that I can then reference in the future in order to explain some belief or opinion I have.

2. To post half-finished thoughts about the math or computer science thing I'm learning at the moment. These might be slightly boring and for that I apologize.