The Cambridge, Massachusetts Less Wrong group has 2:00pm afternoon meetups on the first and third Sunday of every month. Additionally, we're having an extra meetup on Thursday evening (April 21) at 7:30pm. The full schedule is kept on, and you can join/subscribe to the group there to get e-mail reminders. Meetups take place at Cosi, near Kendall Square on the red line. Follow the right-hand rule to reach our usual table, which is in the back room where it's reasonably quiet (except for us). All are welcome to attend and no RSVP is necessary.

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Suggestion: make the title "Cambridge, MA" - I thought you meant the UK one!

Since this is a regular meetup, I added it to the meetup page on the wiki.

Thanks for organizing this.

I'm hanging out at MIT for the next few days, if anyone wants to meet up before then. I'm thinking about college decisions and I would appreciate tlking about it with another rationalist, in addition to my friends.

I'm a current student and LW lurker -- I'd be interested in meeting other young rationalists as well. If you're interested and have a chance, shoot me an email at with your availability.

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