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In this world, there are two types of people: the talkers and the doers. The talkers, self-evidently, talk about things. They talk about building. They talk about solving problems. They talk about starting a project. Most people are talkers.

But some special people are doers. They build. They solve problems. They draw. They write. They code. They paint. They do stuff. They don't need to talk because their work speaks for itself.

It's easy to be a talker. It's hard to be a doer because it's uncomfortable on many levels. Uncomfortable to acknowledge that you're a noob in the beginning. Uncomfortable to not know the map from the territory. Uncomfortable to not have the the cheap validation of people around you. But uncomfortable is good, the only way to learn is the hard way (that is getting outside your comfort zone) which is by definition uncomfortable.

Whenever I find myself talking and not doing, I try to do myself and everyone else a huge favor.

I shut the hell up.

I hope that others strive to do this too.

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Are the people who actually do stuff silent all the time? Do they never ask questions? Never discuss the project they are working on? (Does this imply they always work alone?) Never give lectures afterwards?

Talking in this context = saying they are doing/working on things as opposed to everything you just said

I went through a talking phase. The cheap validation was fun and I miss it, but I really came into my own when I decided that my place was to talk by doing. On a personal level, this makes me happy. However, others often miss what makes some piece of work interesting. It is best to have a team with both doers and talkers.