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Where should I give spare computing power, as an aspiring rationalist/altruist?

by 1point7point41 min read2nd Apr 20201 comment


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This question is exactly what it says on the tin - today I realized that a valuable resource had been sitting in front of me this whole time, going unused for about fifteen hours a day (I'm currently struggling under a mound of homework, recovering from burnout, and learning self-improvement techniques). I'm currently thinking of a distributed computing project like Folding@Home, but if there's some project that could do more good with the resources (especially singularity-related), I'd rather contribute to that instead. (no longer endorsed by the author)

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Never mind, I don't plan on doing anything because charity is not about helping (and because it uses a lot of electricity). However, mlc@home seems promising, if someone really feels the need to help somehow.