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Where should I give spare computing power, as an aspiring rationalist/altruist?

Never mind, I don't plan on doing anything because charity is not about helping (and because it uses a lot of electricity). However, mlc@home seems promising, if someone really feels the need to help somehow.

I think this should be merged with feedback & criticism. Thoughts?


Thanks for responding so quickly!
I agree with you now (and I'm going to agree with your minimalist policy for now too, just since I think you're better-informed than me).

Minor clarification that you might have already been aware of: I was thinking that posts tagged 'zombie' should also be tagged 'consciousness', if they didn't merge. Now I'm fairly sure they should be merged.


It seems like a separate 'zombie' tag might be useful if people are specifically looking to read people's thoughts on p-zombies, as opposed to just reading about consciousness in general. (There's probably some inferential step I'm not catching on to, though).

Measure Theory

I don't know measure theory myself, if someone who knew it could improve this page, that would be much appreciated.


Not sure how okay it is to use external sources - if anyone wants to write their own definition, please go ahead.

Project Announcement

It seems like this tag is a subset of the other one. I've added (very tentative) descriptions for both tags, but don't know they should be merged or not.

edit made two minutes later: not a subset i guess, since individuals can start projects

History of Rationality

I'm not sure if we should make this tag apply to all posts of historical interest, or only posts with historical information. Thoughts, anyone?

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