It's been a little while since we've posted an update about Wiki-Tag [1] stuff, but there is now news. Good news, even.

Import of the Old Wiki: Complete 🎉

It was a large project requiring dozens of hours of post-processing clean-up even after the automatable parts, but we got it done! Over five-hundred pages transferred from to the main LessWrong site for unprecedented knowledge-base unity.

I want to give huge thanks to those who gave their time generously to make this happen.

Major Upgrades to the Wiki-Tag Dashboard

The dashboard is a power tool for those magnanimous souls who contribute to the ongoing maintenance and expansion of our corpus of wiki-tags.

Index of the expanded Wiki-Tag Dashboard

New Tag Flags

Tag Flags, i.e. flags set on wiki-tags, were introduced with the wiki import to mark post-processing tasks. With that done, I've set up long-term flags for tracking the work to be done. They go hand in hand with wiki-tag Talk/Discussion sections.

I've automatically populated a few of these tag-flag lists, now we need to apply other flags where needed.

Information about the meaning and purpose of each flag is provided upon hover-over.

Any user can set or remove these flags from posts, either from a tag's main edit page or tag edit mode on the Dashboard page itself. For now, the mod team controls the flags available, but we're open to suggestions.

On the Wiki-Tag Dashboard, clicking a Tag Flag's item will give you a list of only the tags with that item set. If you click on a tag on the list, it will open the edit page in Playlist Mode. When you're done editing, you iterate onto the next wiki-tag on your current list.

View the Tags You Created

If you've created any wiki-tags, you can get a list of just those wiki-tags from the dashboard.

Now Included: Tag Voting Activity and Wiki-Tag Activity Feed

To date, we've had a separate page that displays all recent tagging activity as well as newly created tags. That's now rolled into Wiki-Tag dashboard so all the info is conveniently in one place.


Further, we've recently launched a new feed of Wiki-Tag activity: creation, edits, and discussion. While it's available on its own page too, we've also rolled into the Wiki-Tag Dashboard.

Now in one place you've got: 1) wiki-tags in need work, 2) newest wiki-tags, 3) tag voting activity, 4) combined feed of creation, edit, discussion.

Wiki-Tag Activity Feed

Just so you know what it looks like, here's a screenshot from the Activity feed.

Why this is great

I've said it already but it's worth saying again. To solve current problems and produce new knowledge, we need to be able to build on our existing collective knowledge. Therein lies the value of our collective wiki-tag system, it lets our distill, store, and locate everything we've figured out to date.

Again, huge thanks to everyone helps make it what it is.


[1] Influenced by feedback, I've decided that the best name for our combined Wiki and Tagging system is...the Wiki-Tag system, and correspondingly this is also the name of the individual page type, some of which have tags list and some which don't, yet both have wiki-esque text sections.

I was also partial to Twiki but this didn't poll as well and the meaning is less transparent. 

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