"Machine Intelligence" sounds less worn than "Artificial Intelligence"

It does, but why “worn” is a bad thing in this context? Wouldn't you want a familiar-sounding phrase?

and also seems to more strongly imply that they're talking about general intelligence rather than narrow AI

I get the reverse impression, probably because “artificial intelligence” reminds me of science fiction, whereas “machine intelligence” reminds me of Google Translate and self-driving cars.

Singularity Institute is now Machine Intelligence Research Institute

by Kaj_Sotala 7y31st Jan 201399 comments



As Risto Saarelma pointed out on IRC, "Volcano Lair Doom Institute" would have been cooler, but this is pretty good too. As the word "Singularity" has pretty much lost its meaning, it's better to have a name that doesn't give a new person all kinds of weird initial associations as their first impression. And "Machine Intelligence Research Institute" is appropriately descriptive while still being general enough.