Open Christmas card to my mother


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Dear Mama,

Happy Christmas!

Rather than be so bold as to give you a further object to take care of, I gathered for you a collection of things I think you might like on the internet. I CC the world, in case they are interested, or want to add anything.

Lots of love, Katja xox


(Picture: Geboorte van Christus, Robert van den Hoecke, after Jan van den Hoecke, 1632 - 1668)



  1. Baby elephants

  2. A nice video of a 1965 living room clog dance

  3. Round seals that I gathered earlier

  4. Dance your PhD winner (though perhaps you showed that to me originally..)

  5. The complete works of Alfred Sisley

  6. Archive of Olegas Truchanas’ photography

  7. The 1890s, around the world, on film

  8. Positly: Perhaps you have enough opportunities to interview people, but if you want to run your own surveys of strangerse online, this streamlines the process a lot (i.e. you basically write some questions and put money in the slot and they handle getting strangers to answer your questions and paying them). For instance, I asked some Americans why they voted as they did, and some other things about their experience of the election.

  9. Hamilton the Musical: I know I probably recommended this before, but a) I should note that it might be the strongest artistic recommendation I’ve ever given, and b) if you did listen to it, I recommend listening to it again.

  10. How to live for much longer in expectation (I know you don’t believe in this, but I encourage you to think about it more, because its important to me that you avoid dying if feasible.)

  11. Rijksmuseum: the national museum of the Netherlands has a pleasing website for their pleasing art collection.

Here are some that I like today:

Morning Ride along the Beach, Anton Mauve, 1876 Fishing Pinks in Breaking Waves, Hendrik Willem Mesdag, c. 1875 - c. 1885 Landschap in de omgeving van Den Haag, Jacob Maris, 1891 Cellar of the Artist’s Home in The Hague, Johan Hendrik Weissenbruch, 1888


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