Meetup : Stockholm: When to stop making a decision

Discussion article for the meetup : Stockholm: When to stop making a decision

WHEN: 07 October 2016 03:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Lindstedtsvägen 3, Room 1537

We'll run monthly meetups starting with this one. This talk is the start of a series on decision analysis for personal life. If you want to influence or organize future Stockholm meetups, let me know.

The talk will introduce a bit of notation, but mostly be an informal presentation. After 30 minutes the event will open to audience discussion.

Discussion article for the meetup : Stockholm: When to stop making a decision

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It was a nice talk, thanks! Glad to see there are plans to make this a monthly meetup.

Perhaps, if there is interest, we can supplement this with an evening/weekend version for people who are not in the KTH area on Friday during work hours? Things like that usually get discussed on a mailing list. Is there one for Stockholm area?

I don't think there's a mailing list yet. We could move some or all of the meetups to evenings/weekends if there's interest. Help me gather preferred times.

David_Kristoffersson has proposed a meetup this Friday. I've set it for 17:00 in light of your comment.

Is this in KTH? I do not understand the (+0200) that follows the hour. Is that supposed to UTC?

By the way I would be interesting in helping organize future metups but we can discuss that next Friday.

Yes, in the KTH computer science building.

Yes, it's UTC+2. It's 15:00 local time.

Awesome, thanks! Also, I'm glad to see there are lesswrongers about.

Hi, just letting you know that though I wish I could be there, I will not be able to attend this meetup.
I will certainly attend a Stockholm meetup in the future though.