LW Update 4/23/2018 – Small Fixes

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Sequence Editor Images

Creating a sequence no longer requires you to add an image (a few people had complained that this was a bit obnoxious, esp since the images had to be very large). If you want to find images for your sequence you're welcome to, and if not, admins will touch base and help come up with a suitable header.

Cleanup Search Styling

Searching for posts previously involved some janky looking styles that many people thought was a bug (it wasn't a bug per se... just... really badly styled). It's now been cleaned up a bit.

Highlight Fixes

Post highlights are now a bit longer, so that it's practical to write a short post and have the whole thing just fit on the front page. (Part of an overall build towards encouraging shortform content).

Various small things re: highlights have also been cleaned up (they include the links to linkposts, and the "continue reading" button at the end should no longer sometimes go to an undefined page).

Quick link to the git repo

Commit: 970165cba126af5d2811db8e282839bbb4aa2c56

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