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WHEN: 16 November 2013 01:00:00PM (-0500)

WHERE: Small World Coffee, 14 Witherspoon St. Princeton, NJ 08540

My girlfriend and I have just moved to Princeton, and would like to meet any LessWrong readers who go to the university or live in the area. I used to co-run the Oxford meetups a long time ago, and it'd be good to do something similar again. All welcome! We don't have any particular topics in mind, but we're A) willing to discuss anything LW-ey, as well as just socialise, and B) capable of coming up with conversation topics, so don't feel you have to have anything clever to say to be welcome! As such, we hereby precommit to being at Small World Coffe* from 1pm to 3pm. By the sign of the paperclip so shall ye know us. If you prefer a different time/place, please let me know, either by PM or in the comments. *unless people recommend a better option before October 31st. At that point the time and date are fixed.

Discussion article for the meetup : Princeton NJ Meetup