It probably would be best described as 'raising awareness'. I was introduced to LW when by chance I saw an hpmor mentioned on social network.

Before that I was completely oblivious to concrete examples of cognition malfunctions. I want to reduce involvement of chance in propagation of memes of rationality.

Concrete goals:

a) make personal need for clear-thinking visible and perceptible

b) show that some work (book abstracts, ideas introductions) is available here.

Think of the intended targets and their learning outcomes. What itch of theirs do you intend to scratch?

Do you want to maximize the odds that a couple of people in the audience will type and don't close the tab a minute later? Despite all the unfamiliar terms in a foreign language? Maybe SSC topical posts will be a better start? Those about the non-central fallacy, or the plight of growing up a nerd (not a big issue in Russia, but still), feminism, or neoreaction? It all depends on your target audience. Can you describe it in a few words?

0ChristianKl5yThose aren't concrete goals. What do you want the audience to do afterwards?

Request for advices on small presentation about LW community

by efim 1 min read26th May 201510 comments


In a couple of weeks I'll be giving a small (~50m) presentation about LW community on "social sciences sunday" in Saint Petersburg.

Target audience - students, teachers and young recearcher mostly from social sciences and humanities.

I'm planning to at least mention in passing:

1) rationality: epistemological and practical division

2) virtues of rationality

3) big part of learning is by osmosis

4) about sequences => some ideas I found engaging (but those that are at the same time would be easier to explain in 10 minutes)- definetely about inferential distances and looking wise

maybe mention Milgrams experiments or anecdote about Pain and Gain motivation

5) study hall (I tried it just for a bit), meetups, related projects - CFAR (anything else?), International Insights, slatestarcodex?

There is also this

I'm not sure LW is a good entry point for people who are turned away by a few technical terms. Responding to unfamiliar scientific concepts with an immediate surge of curiosity is probably a trait I share with the majority of LW'ers.

I am going to spend some more time prepairing and would probably have some good ideas, but I would be really great to have opinions from others. Am I missing something? Or if anyone had relevant experience?